Well… I am in work (No, this is not a parallel Universe you have drifted into, I am working part time again) and the rain coming down is absolutely insane, why the fuck I am blogging about rain I don’t know (Helps me avoid actually working) But it really is heroic in its downpour, the kind of rain that stops the world, I knew as soon as I walked outside of the office here I would find everyone downstairs standing around just watching, I already pictured it in my mind, I was drawn to the same sound they were, the angry march of a million raindrops prancing around the muddy work yard. So all of us stood around silently… Watching this monstrous downpour, what is it about heavy rain that makes us step back and take stock?… I swear as I watched the their faces I could see each and every one of them lost in some deep personal thought which meant the world to them… Be it a happy or sad memory, it was an important one,  and all because some liquid was falling from the sky at a quicker than usual pace… Very strange indeed, and now as I write this the deluge is slowly coming to an end, the sound of machinery notable in its absence…lovely silence. A fitting end to this pointless blog, time to go home and sleep, the last week has seen very little of it so it’s time to catch up.

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